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Vallerie Skelly - Executive & Performance Coach + Best Selling Author

I've Been Where You Are!

Self-doubt held me back from realizing my true potential. My inaccurate beliefs and self-beliefs had me second guessing my abilities, creating fear, anxiety and stress. I was given the opportunity to attend the amazing Coaching program at Cambridge University, U.K., where I gained the tools and experience that allowed me to create my own life’s opportunities.

So I hear you!

Let’s work together to overcome and take back the control to achieve new heights, flow, purpose, and the self-belief to take on any challenge.

Your Greatest Days are Still Ahead of You

You have been working so hard to perfect yourself in and out of the boardroom yet somehow you struggle to play your best face. Lack of confidence, self-doubt, stress, and anxiety or maybe you cannot find the motivation or focus.

How do you train the mind to deal with the trials and tribulations that are put in front of you. Performance Coaching helps you to find the answers to all your questions to build a strong foundation that will allow you to first establish and then achieve your goals.

Let's Get Started. What can Performance Coaching do for You?

Achieving your goals and desired outcomes at home, work or on the field, includes overcoming the self-limiting beliefs, self-talk (interference), anxiety, and mental blocks that are holding you back from becoming your best and reaching your true potential.

Performance focused Coaching is an effective strategy for achieving total control of your mental game. Confidence opens the door to Strong mental skills that can often be the differentiating factor between what makes an individual average or excellent.

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Our Coaching Services

Your Total Performance System and Mental Tool Kit

It doesn't matter how much education or experience you have, the only limits are the ones you have placed on yourself.

Confidence, Focus, and Mental Toughness.

Create and elite mind by rewriting the narrative that takes on a calm, stoic, productive, options-rich, strength-based reality, taking the control back.

Our present situation(s) or realities are happening now, but that doesn’t mean this needs to be your future. The present moment is just that a moment.

Make a commitment to work on your potential.

Everyone is in a different place but typically it can take from 12 up to 26 sessions to make a real impact and allow the mind to change behavior.

The next step is diving deep into an individually designed Coaching program that will bring about achieving your preferred outcomes and goals.

The first step in performance coaching is writing a simple message, sending a text or making a phone call. This single action sets in motion a series of events that will make powerful changes to your life.

Gaining The Advantage Through Coaching

  • Get the confidence you need to control your mind under pressure
  • Transform Negativity and doubt into focused belief
  • Gain the edge you need to perform at your best
  • Show up each and every time ready to take on any challenge.
  • Reach your potential – The only difference between a dream and a goal is the correct planning and support.
  • BONUS – Learn how to win in Sales. Transform conversations to have customers for life.
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Get into your best competitive mental shape for business, personal or sport by becoming your best self.